The Carnal, the Gluttonous, and the Heretics
Cantos IV, VI, & IX
  The Third Circle

Dante recovers from his swoom and waking gradually, he sees new torments and new pain. He is in the Third Circle. A great storm of putrefaction falls incessantly, a mixture of stinking snow and freezing rain.

Here monstrous Cerberus, the ravening beast,
howls through his triple throats like a mad dog.

His eyes are red, his beard is greased with phlegm,
his belly is swollen, his hards are claws
to rip the wretches and flay and mangle them.
Canto Vi

This is a perfect example of symbolic retribution. As they ate, thus they are eaten, eternally, wallowing in sodden mush and fetid slush..

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