Descent into Inferno


Just as all seems lost, the shade of Virgil, symbol of Human Wisdom, appears to Dante. He explains that he has been sent to lead Dante from error and that the privilege of making this journey has been granted through the prayers of aprayers of woman now residing in Heaven, Beatrice, whom Dante once loved.

There can be no direct ascent past the beasts. First he must descend through Hell (a confrontation with the unconscious). Then he must endure the cleansing ordeals of Purgatory. And only then may he reach the pinnacle of joy which represents spiritual fulfillment in Paradise.

Virgil will guide Dante only as far as Human Reason can go. Another guide, Beatrice (Divine Love), must take over for the final ascent.

Dante submits himself joyously to Virgil's guidance.



The Journey Continues  
A Map of the Inferno